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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is when a high school student receives credit at two institutions at the same time. At the high school level, the class is applied toward their high school diploma while at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology they are receiving hours toward their programs certificate or diploma.


Complete a college education at an accelerated rate

Allows for an easier transition into their college program of study

Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation's (TSAC) Dual Enrollment Grant provides a cost-effective way for high school students to earn college hours for free


To begin enrollment in a program students must be a high school junior or senior. TSAC does have requirements for students to receive and to continue receiving the Dual Enrollment Grant which pays tuition cost of up to $300 each trimester. Some requirements are students must maintain a cumulative grade average of 80.50 or the equivalent 2.75 to continue to meet eligibility requirements TSAC. Students who do not maintain the required grade average may be permitted to re-enroll at the Center and will be required to pay the assessed tuition/fees.

Students who do not meet TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant eligibility requirements may still dual enroll but they would be responsible for the tuition/fees.


Fill out the TCAT Dual Enrollment Application Form Online
Fill out the TSAC Dual Enrollment Application Form Online on the TSAC Student Portal